So as promised in yesterdays post run euphoria post, here is a quick run down of the weirdness of yesterday.  It was a day that I thought would be boring and dreadful but turned into weird and sorta wonderful.

Was at an event–ran into someone who was once a sorta supervisor of mine (though a few levels up from my day-to-day boss…if that makes sense) in the bathroom at said event.  I said hi and she asked “do I know you?”  This isn’t the first time she has not known who I was (once while I was still working for her, I was referred to as “oh, YOU” “with the nice tights.”  Fortunately, I’m not the only one who has experienced this so I wasn’t overly offended.  She only seems to remember the names of people with titles.

Then I ended up attending a session with someone who is an HR/employment consultant and the session basically summed up how I have been feeling about my first 5 years of my career–unfulfilled and unhappy.  In listening to this women speak, I almost got emotional as it became crystal clear that something was wrong and no job change or additional degrees would fix it unless I did the homework with myself to figure out where my skills, strengths, weaknesses, passions all lie.

In a neat twist of fate, I ended up sitting next to this woman at the head table (I was introducing the lunch keynote) and we ended up talking about her presentation and I told her what an impact it had on me.  She now wants to set up an appointment with me in late April and we are going to work together to find out what I’m meant to do.  So scary, but so exciting.  The other thing that is scary is how much it might cost me to work with this woman–lol.  No cost for her services was mentioned, but I am sure that there will be some sort of fee–though if I end up with an amazing career path at the end of it, it would be well worth it.

Then the awkard/embarassing moment happened.  I did my part, introduced the guest speaker and he gets up and starts doing his thing.  He starts talking about me–specifically saying that I was “beautiful” at one point and then “smokin” at another. 

I’m not good with compliments at the best of times (thanks for the self esteem issues, mom), and having some random guy tell an audience of about 400 over lunch that he thinks I’m beautiful and smokin–well, i wanted to roll up into the tiniest ball ever and hide.  Second of all, I wanted to go up to him and ask him why he would say something so ficticious.  I have never felt so many eyes on me and felt so immediately judged (regardless of whether or not said judgement was actually happening).

I managed to smile, give the speaker a nod of thanks and simply breath and goofily grin my way through the experience. 

In retrospect, it was very kind of him to say those things, but it was totally the wrong time/circumstance.   After the embarassment and discomfort wore off, the complements actually made me feel pretty darn good about myself and that, maybe, I’m not as ugly as I think I am. 

Maybe I can attribute said complements to my amazing run…though truthfully, I think I was just due for a kick ass run after several weeks of crap.

Then, the final speaker at this even was amazing.  I can’t find his name right now (i will follow up on a post with it as I’m going to download his ebook onto my ipad for my flight to Regina tmrw), but he was a former Greenpeace guy and he is now fighting against them because they are feeding the public lies about environmentalism an the green movement.  It was fascinating to hear him speak and I cannot wait to read the book.

So that was my weird day.  A strange mix of emotions through out the day…but seriously, I’m sorta glad it all happened.

Hope you have a great hump day!