I seriously think I need to get and stay home for awhile as this being on the road for work thing is starting to wear me down.

Wanted to punch two men sitting behind me, talking about what a “hole” my home, good ol’ Winnipeg, is. I realize Winnipeg has major issues with poverty and crime, but it is NOT a hole. It has warm, friendly people, amazing restaurants, The Jets, an stellar arts scene…

But I won’t. They mentioned that they are in the Canadian Military so they know some basic levels of defense. Tough given how they were talking, one of their superiors must’ve smacked them on the heads sans helmet for a few years causing irreparable brain damage. I hope I am not sitting next to one of these douche bags on the flight or I might lose it.

I think the worst part is that one guy seems to think he is the man, despite being older and overweight, keeps talking about the “cowgirl” in pink and other women he thinks are “stellar” and “potential” for him–even though he is married. Again. Severe urge to punch him his rising. Such a poor representation. Of Canada’s military.

And now I will do some meditation and deep breathing so that, if I do sit next to this horse’s ass, I won’t end up with an assault charge.

Much luv,