That I don’t want to be here?


After two days off while in Regina and a bit of a miserable day today-both in weather and dumb things happening (bashed my head pretty damn hard on the trunk of my car while popping in some items) the last thing I wanted to do was to go to the gym.


I showed up.

One fine blogger, who’s blog I follow but can’t remember which blog as I saw it a few days ago…anyway, she spoke of the importance of just showing up when you don’t want to get your workout on. she referred to a story of a marathoner from Africa who just shows up and if he feels like running one mile, that is all he runs. If he feels like running 15 he runs 15.

So based on this logic…I am jus showing up and doing 20-30 minute blocks of random cardio and I will stop when I am done..:whether or not that is in 20 minutes or 90 minutes.

Truthfully though, the 90 minutes would be nub easier of there were better things on tv. I mean…seriously…2 legit 2 Quit- The MC Hammer Story?


Although, I guess it sort makes sense that this is on–as I am here instead of being a couch potato, this proving that I am just like Hammer–I am 2 legit 2 quit. Lol!

Much love!