who has two thumbs and just ran sub 8 minute miles for four miles? THIS girl! 🙂

As you may or my not be able to tell, I am suffering from a bad bit of runner’s high–which was the perfect antidote to the past few days.

I just ran 4 miles in 31 minutes and 41 seconds…that is sub 8 minute miles! And, yes, that is the halleluiah chorus you are hearing all the way from Winnipeg. I hired them with the money I saved from not buying the Under Armour Bra I had planned on purchasing (they didn’t have my size).

I can’t believe I managed to crank that out and aside from a bit of tightness in my left calf and my head still hurts (but it didn’t get worse), I feel remarkably amazing.

As you guys could tell from my post earlier today, I wasn’t in the brightest of spirits. I was tempted to stay away, but then I remembered my post on Saturday and the idea of just showing up…and then a follow up email from the blogger who wrote the original “Just Show Up” Post. She updated just as I was about to put away my bag. I knew then it was a sign that I better just show up at the gym or I would be kicking myself. And well, if I knew that I would’ve missed this ass kicking run…i def. would’ve kicked myself.

So I want to thank Shelby for her inspirational post and her blog, 100 Pounds in 1 Year which helped me not once, but twice in the last few days. Shelby–seriously, thank you! 🙂

Anyway, I really, truly must go stretch or I won’t be walking tomorrow.

Much Love!