That’s my head making a connection…and not with my desk or the nearest wall. lol!  Though right now, both options seem tempting given my work travel burnout of late.

The clicks, were made last night with my preggers friend, at both the movie theatre and one of my favourite restaurants in Winnipeg–Billabong.

Now we had just came from the Hunger Games, which was really great.  I thought the book to movie adaptation was spot on…I seriously can’t wait for the next movies…but I digress.  At the movie I had a regular popcorn and soft drink (frutopia) as I had a coupon for snackies at the movie.  My friend had a bit of popcorn…but I had the lions share…I didn’t mind.  You need to have treats now and then and since I hadn’t been to a movie in what feels like ages…I was like..yep..I’ll take that popcorn…just no butter (am usually pro butter, btw).  Popcorn was a bit dry, but still very tasty and very satisfying.  Click number one–i don’t need butter and thus extra calories on movie theatre popcorn. 

Click number two–I really am not a soda person (aside from my cherry coke zero indulgence during a migraine).  I drank half the frutopia strawberry thing that I ordered but it was only because the popcorn was salty and dry and you need that moisture.  Normally i drink water with popcorn….and I didn’t ask for a water when I orded and I definitely wasn’t going back mid way through the movie for water. 

Click number three–I don’t need to eat big when others are.  Usually when I go out to restaurants with friends I feel some sort of self induced pressure to eat how they eat…be it big or small….and truthfully, normally its on the bigger side.  Last night, i didn’t.  I ate what i felt like eating–which was a small bowl of pumpkin soup and a few bits of our shared appetizer.  It was the most perfect way to end.  I didn’t feel gross or over stuffed.  Just satisfied.  Such a new experience for me at a restaurant.

Has anyone out there had any “clicks” or if you want to get all Oprah, “a-ha” moments lately?  If so, what?  I think sharing fun clicks and advice is always good!

Oh and speaking of new–in an effort to try and strike something off my list in a more manageable, daily fashion, I tried a different sort of up-do today with my hair..well..a half up-do.

Not too shabby if you ask me!

Def. not my best work, but it is a start.  Hopefully my full assed attempts at pretty hair work out as well as this half-assed attempt. 😉  If anyone has any advice, please share–I am definitely a willing student!  Especially since I have a bazillion weddings to attend this summer–I need all the help I can get.

Anyway, I must get to work–have lots to do before the fiscal officially ends tomorrow! 

Much luv,


P.S. Still not happy that there is no Starbucks delivery service.