Howdy All!  Happy April Fools!

I haven’t posted since Friday–been waaay too distracted by those steamy books 50 Shades of Grey, which are causing a ruckus atop of the New York Times Best Sellers list.  I have almost finished the series in this entire weekend.  Warning however, they are very, very steamy…so ladies, please read them with caution..and perhaps a fan. lol.

I have had a great run today–10 miles…i didn’t do any crazy fast paces.  I just wanted a relaxing 10 miles…which I succeeded with…though it was difficult to put my aforementioned e-book down to run said 10 miles. I also managed to sneak to the pool for a 15 minute water jog and a 15 minute swim.  Sadly the pool was packed and my friend A and I were just feeling sorta blah about all the people.

I have updated my page. I couldn’t add pictures as wordpress seemed to be having some issues. Probably for the better as the pics don’t seem to show my progress this month…in any case, they will be coming as soon as word press lets me post. In lieu of said pics, I am rather thrilled to announce that, since January 1, I have lost 12.2 lbs. 🙂 Granted a good portion of those pounds fell off this week, but I blame being home and not traveling for that….I also blame being home as the reason for my amazing runs this week.

Anyway, I am keeping this one short and sweet–after all, I have reading to get back to! Oh and Mad Men…but I think 50 is going to win out over a show that I am currently pvr’ing.

Much Luv,