This is my last business trip for at least a few weeks! I can’t even begn to tell you how excited I am. Plus the month of May doesn’t look to bad for travel, either. June, however….well I will be in Saskatoon, Ottawa and Toronto…though Toronto is for fun and visiting my friends and is en route to Ottawa, which will also give me some social time with friends. That is def one trip I am looking forward to!

Yesterday I was not feeling like myself. The weather in Winnipeg had shifted to cold and rainy,leading to a migraine. I tried going to the gym and got thirty minutes on an exercise bike. It was very busy at the gym and someone was wearing a whole lot of axe body spray, leading to a far more intense headache. I am proud to say, however, that I “just showed up” and doing even thirty is better than nothing. Another positive of this whole migrate situation is that, since the new year, when I made a very conscious effort to get back into daily physical activity, my headaches, though still occurring, aren’t as intense, nor do they last as long as they used to. Also, sometimes, my handful of pain killers actually work. This is such a positive development and it gives me hope that I may a tually have them under a modicum of control.

Tonight I may or may not get a workout in. I am supposed to see one of my dearest friend who, in the midst of a rough time, just up and moved to Calgary without really telling anyone. I am not sure of the exact reasons why as we had trouble trying to find a time to catch up in the weeks before she moved, but I hope to find out tonight as well as find out if my friend is ok.

I am making up for my gym misses though. I already have to yoga classes scheduled for when I get back. One for Thursdsy after I take my grandparents out for an early Easter brunch and one on the morning of Good Friday with my little cousin M. It will be her first class and I am rather pumped to spend that time with her. I also plan on spending so e time squeezing in some runs and maybe even a bike ride or three….and some baking….cleaning, laundry, phone dates with friends from out of town….so many fun things to do with my 5 day weekend! Tee-hee! Can you tell I am excited?!?!?!?

Anyway, my flight to Calgary is about to board. Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! Mwa!

Luv Leesah