Good Day everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Good Friday. I know I am as I am done my workout for the day and it is not even noon. I took my little cousin M to her first hot yoga class. It was a super packed class because of the holiday, making it extra hot and humid, I am very proud of her as she toughed it out and well, I think I have a new yoga partner as she fell in love with it and can’t wait to go back! 🙂 I enjoyed class, too, for the record. I wasn’t as tired as I was in yesterday’s class, which made it a bit more enjoyable. Plus, as I mentioned, it was extra hot/humid so the sweat was amazing.

I had yesterday off too and I was just so out of sorts. Not getting enough sleep always does this to me…and it leaves me snacky and I typically end up over indulging. I think this is the only thing that I need to learn to deal with now when it comes to not mindlessly eating and making smarter choices. Given the progress I have made so far, however, I am not going to beat myself up. This will be something that I can focus on in the coming months and figure out ways to beat it–btw–if anyone has any advice–I am definitely all ears! 🙂

The one nice thing about yesterday was getting to take my grandparents out for brunch. It was nice to have the time with them, even though it means a re-hash of the same stories my grandma told me last week…and in the weeks before. It is also a little sad because my grandpa isn’t doing so well. He is 87 years old, can’t hear a thing and is slowly slipping into either senility or Alzheimer’s. He has absolutely no short term memory and needs constant supervision. He keeps asking me how things are going for me in school and when I am graduating (I graduated from grad school in 2006). He still recognizes me and just thinks of his memory issues as a joke. It warms my heart that, at this point in time, he sees it as a joke…I fear that, one day, he will become like a lot of folks who deal with memory issues–he will be frustrated and angry. This will break my heart as I have never, in my nearly 32 years on this planet, seen my grandfather angry.

Speaking of my grandparents, I will be seeing them today, again, for dinner. My Aunt K (my cousin M’s mom), is taking them out for dinner and asked me to join. I said yes, simply because I thought it was important to do these family things in light of the fact that I don’t know how much more time we’ll have with my grandfather and he still has some semblance of his mind/memory intact.

Otherwise, my day will be spent doing laundry, cleaning, start some work on some bloggy posts and maybe baking some cookies . After my poor eating from yesterday, I definitely don’t need them, but I just feel like baking–so I figure, why not. 🙂 I am thinking of going full out and making my delicious cornflake marshmallow chocolate chip cookies from my Milk Bar cookbook. YUM!

Much luv and enjoy the long weekend (if you have one),