Long time no talk. I know…I know…bad blogger. What can I say–it’s been a crazy few days of friends, festivities, food, wine, migraines and cookies…in fact…these cookies which I have had a bajillion of.

Momofuko Milk Bar's Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cornflake Crunch cookies aka the reason why I gained several lbs this week. lol.

This weekend seemed to be a non stop gong show of activity and food and drink and time with people I love. I should probably feel a bit more guilty about the horrible eating I chose to partake in over the past few days…but I sorta don’t. I know where I went wrong and why I went wrong and I made those choices anyway. For instance–those damn cookies. I started making them on Friday after my hot yoga class with my cousin. Well, after doing dinner with my grandparents I was taken down with one of the worst migraines I have had in months. And…well…the cookies were there…so I ate a TON of them. And truthfully, I didn’t care. Not. One. Bit. I was in a lot of pain, my meds weren’t working and those cookies provided me with some sort of calm. I think this may be the only “emotional eating” I will never be able to fully get rid of as when those headaches are that extreme…and the meds don’t work…you need something to provide relief…even if it’s momentary.

Sadly the other thing that did me in was the fact that I was eating out so much and it was at weird times. I was having meals either really early or really late…and it totally threw me off because I was either not hungry or starving at the meal times and it just messed with me and caused me to make food/eating choices I wouldn’t normally eat. For instance, at the wedding I attended on Saturday, I ate two bread servings because I was starving and the cream sauced drenched and over cooked dinner was slow in coming and I couldn’t fill up on wine because I needed to drive myself home. Though I did have a few drinks, very early in the evening with my friends who were in from out of town.

Then yesterday i started a new Easter tradition with my dad of making his favourite maple glazed bison sausage with eggs and roasted potatoes for brunch. I also made my first, fully independent batch of pierogi (or as we spell it in Winnipeg–perogies) by myself–which required lots of tasting of the jalapeno cheese and potato filling to get it just right…oh and more of those damn addictive cookies.

Today didn’t start off so hot either. I have already had four of those cookies (yes…the recipe makes a ton of cookies, especially since I made the serving size much smaller) and I met a friend for brekkie today. I do, however, have two workouts planned for today ( and worked out every day over my extended long weekend). I am planning to eat very lightly for the rest of the day and to start off with super healthy choices over the next few days, combined with longer than usual workouts to make up for my weekend food indiscretions. After all, I wore a dress to Saturday’s wedding that I wore for the first time when I was 14–it was my grade 9 farewell dress and I got it from Holt Renfrew (the Canadian equivalent of Saks or Neiman’s). And well, despite the fact that I have obviously filled out in different spots than when I was 14–the dress fit like a glove–people didn’t even recognize me. It was sorta awesome.

Me in my 1994 dress, with my lovely friend, aka MoH

Despite all of this negativity of my weekend, I did get in some workouts, which surely helped make that dress a reality. By the end of the day today I will have attended 3 hot yoga classes, ran 4.5 miles in horrible winds (which kept changing direction so they were always in my face), and 2 gym workouts of at least 75 minutes of mixed cardio and weights). I think that alone, is worth a few kudos. And something about being so active on a bad few days of craziness in terms of no control over my time and choosing to behave badly in terms of food, well, its oddly motivating. I mean, I know my weight has gone up–I can feel it. But, I also know that I can get it back down again–which is such a refreshing approach to this rather than my old, more negative and extreme way of looking at it.

In any case, I better get my gym gear together as I have a gym date with my dad in about half an hour, followed by a yoga and tea date with my friend A this evening. Take care, happy fitnessing and if you want a great indulgence, make yourself some momofuko milk bar chocolate chip, marshmallow and corn flake crunch cookies and give away half of them. They are highly addictive and amazingly delicious!

Much Luv,