So according to Anderson Cooper, today is Dyngus Day

Hope you enjoyed that little giggle. I know I did.

Today is not only Dyngus day but it is also the my first day back at work…it should’ve been yesterday but a migraine kept me in bed and in pain for the day. I managed to tough out a short run…but it was hard and I only did three miles before my resolve disappeared. Still, score one for running with a throbby head.

The one lovely thing about yesterday, was that I was nominated for a blog award by one of my favourite bloggers–I plan on doing a proper post about this later today, but, yeah, seriously, it made me feel pretty darn good on a day where I felt like dying. Needless to say, my lovely fellow blogger…or dare I be forward and call her a bloggy friend, Emily, from get’s a big virtual hug and a number one spot on my gratitude list for the day!

A few other things on my gratitude list for today:

2. I don’t have a migraine today.
3. I finished the last of those addictive cookies.
4. I have a good stash in my savings account (there are fears of layoffs in my area).
5. I am running in my first ever marathon relay team in June. Sorta excited. Now we just need a name–anyone have ideas?

Any particular areas in your life, or even people, that you are feeling gratitude towards?

Much luv, talk soon and Happy Dyngus Day!