So I come home from work, feeling pretty decent. I was rather productive, got some healthy food for dinner and upon walking in the door I pick up my mail and see a letter from the hotel I have booked for me and my cousin’s annual trip to run the Fargo Half Marathon.

Apparently they had a pipe burst and resulting flood in JANUARY(!!!) and it destroyed the hotel. The repairs are not going to be ready for the race. If they had told me this in January, I would be like, ok. Sh!t happens…but the letter is dated April 2…and I just received it today–April 16th. This weekend is the busiest in Fargo and hotel rooms are usually gone by early fall. What made this even worse, was on March 28th, they sent me and email confirming my room for the weekend, and no mention of this catastrophe.

Am so p.o’d. Fortunately, after some very frantic and stressful phoning for about 90 minutes, I was able to find a room with a king size bed for me and my cousin to cuddle up in…but its almost double the price of the Candlewood and not as good of a location or a property. I called to discuss this situation with the hotel and they were very unhelpful and unsympathetic….jack asses. They also seemed shocked that I received the confirmation email and offered nothing in terms of remuneration….is that the right word? I’m too tired to care if it is…in any case…I won’t stay there again…ever!

So…upon receiving this information…while calling hotels, I stress ate three left over mini cupcakes–i don’t regret it at all. I also did 90 minutes of cardio to burn off those calories tonight…so I’m feeling ok about it.

And now I am going to go take some melatonin to help me wind down a bit and go to bed. G’night y’all!