Hey Everyone,

I have been MIA as things in life, my body, my head have all been a bit effed up this past week. On the plus side, the pity party I hosted for myself coincided with me getting the flu and the beginnings of plantar fasciitus in my right foot/heel.

Most of the stuff that is bugging me are clearly first world problems…and thus not really problems at all…but they still bummed me out. There are a few big things like the potential to lose my job, stress of changing careers, etc, that are not so first world.

The combination of it all left me in a rut of feeling like death (my cold/flu left me with a nasty sore throat, sinus pain and general, awful body ache, making me want to stay curled in the fetal position). The fact that I caved to every single food whim that I had during that time–mostly convenience food as I couldn’t be bothered to cook, combined with no workouts…well….you can guess the result of that–a food baby whom I will name LaFayette in honour of the copious amount of True Blood I watched/slept through while I was sick. Now my goal is to simply shrink LaFayette as quickly and healthfully as possible.

I went for my first run in over a week yesterday. 3 miles at a 7.0 mph pace…my lungs burning and heavy with the remanants of my illness (if you catch my drift). My plantar fasciitus felt ok…did lots of stretching and massage when I got home and it made a remarkable difference this morning. I am hoping to get, at the very least a decent 7-8 miler this week as my “long run” but who knows how that will go after this last week off.

Anyway, I am going to keep this brief. I haven’t decided on whether or not to write about the drama of the last week or not…truth be told, it’s because a lot of the problems are really those first world problems and part of me feels rather gulty whining/winge-ing (how does one spell winge-ing–which is UK/Aussie slang for complaining) on the blog about them..but I do know I have had a lot of time to think and I think that there are going to some new plans coming.

Much Luv,