I am being bad and not packing.  I leave for Edmonton tomorrow and I just don’t feel like packing. ..but truthfully that isn’t new or weird.

What is weird?  A friend of mine told me some interesting information.  It was sad and awful and horrifying all at once. I hate to admit it, but it also made me feel as if my problems are a cake walk.

What else is weird?   I got up early to clean to the amazing sounds of the band Alabama Shakes–and I chose cleaning over going to the mall.  (socre one for my efforts to save cash and be budget conscious before my May 1 start date).

Another weird thing? Said day of cleaning gave me an awful pain on the ball of my foot–making Saturday’s amazing cross training workout super uncomfortable (15 skipping, 15 rowing, 20 run (7.3 mph + incline on the mill), 20 stationary bike and 20 weights).

Still weirder? Despite the onset of a migraine this afternoon, I did my taxes by myself for the first time–and only made one mistake–thanks Dad for catching it and getting me $200 extra on my refund.

Today, well, today was just weird in terms of timing.   It seemed to be a lot of unscheduled interruptions, visits and weather drama (which caused me a migraine and ruined my last exercise venue).  Needless to say this isn’t the day I wanted to miss my run–what with not having a long run in to weeks and being in Edmonton tomorrow and Tuesday.  Oh and the fact that the race is like 19 days away!  eek.

Anyway, I should really get back to packing as, well, I do need clothes for this trip…and to refill all my travel sized toiletries so I can stay on carry-on status for my luggage.

Much luv