Hehehehehe! I was very bad on the eve of starting my new budget. I just bought way too much stuff–including this amazing new running outfit (my shorts ripped when I out them on to do my run earlier today so I treated myself to this). Notice how sweaty I am after only four miles? It was a a sauna in my hotel’s gym (thunderstorm outside) and my foot kept cramping. Still my pace was 8:19/mile…not too shabby. It is actually a shame about the heat and my food as I felt pretty darn good….until the heat induced dizziness set in of course.


I also bought a maxi skirt, turquoise tee, skinny jeans in light grey, two oxfords, and part of my mother’s day gift for my gramma! (pics to come–the light in my hotel room sucks). Very successful…and very bad…though the jeans and oxfords were more than 50%off. Lol. Aside from my trip to Minneapolis after the Fargo half marathon, I am avoiding the mall until July. I say July because I will need some face wash from kiehls’s by then…if not sooner. But that, or things of a similar, daily use nature, will be the only things I buy.

Aside from the great shopping today was irritating. Lots of rude people at the airport, my flight was delayed, causing me to miss the meetings I had scheduled. I was also given a super massive rental car with one broken speaker. I feel like I am driving a ghetto tank. Lol.

Anyway, I am going to pack up my new stuff in my suitcase and get some more ice to keep my brekkie yogurt cold.

Much luv,