You mis-calculate the calories of an I am bored after waiting for four hours at the airport, treat, and end up eating  360 calories rather than the 180 you thought you were eating.  Oh well–I ran an even sweattier 4 miles this morning at the hotel sauna gym.  It felt like I was running in a hot yoga studio.

Today markethey first day of my budget and all I spent that was unnecessary was $17 on the new True Blood e-book to keep me from losing my mind over the past few hours at the airport.  Money well spent if you ask me–or so I hope since the last book sucks!

Otherwise my day was rather routine–few meetings, a presentation-probably the best I ever did.  I even avoided the snack table with ease–I felt pretty amazing actually despite getting up ridiculously early (5:45 am)and eating weird bits of food including protein bars, yogurt, the aforementioned snack, a smoothie and some weird cottage cheese filled mini pitas from the event I presented at.  No proper meals, which always throws me off a it….especially with the added drama of traveling and lack of sleep.

Ooh!  My flight is about to board.  Next time I post it will be from home sweet home Winnipeg!

Much luv,