I signed up for the onramp program for Cross Fit.

I have never felt such an interesting mix of emotions.  It’s a huge mixture of excitement, anticipation, fear, happiness, fear, nausea and fear. 🙂  lol.

Why am I feeling these things you ask?  Well, doing this is out of my comfort zone completely.  It’s not running.  It’s strength training…and it’s INTENSE.  Not that i’m not good with intense workouts, but i’m used to running intense, not cross fit style intense.  It’s scary, but thruthfully, it is scary in the best possible way.

I’m happy and excited because it is something new and different and it will push my limits.  I am excited about seeing the results.  I am excited to see my muscles  grow, my tummy (hopefully) shrink.  I am excited to see the impact it has on my running–will it make me strong enough to muscle through a half marathon at an 8 minute mile pace or quicker?  Will this be my new fitness passion in partnership with running?

Then there are the bad nerves–the ones where I doubt myself–will I be able to do it?  Will I like it?  Will I wimp out and quit after two classes?  Will I be the fattest in the class?  The most unfit?  Will the instructors be cool or critical douchebags?  Will I be able to (mentally) survive on their Paleo diet challenge?

so yeah…all that aside, I can’t wait to start! 🙂  Plus it means I get to buy myself pretty new shoes in Minneapolis, post Fargo Half (yes, it is already worked out in my budget!).

If anyone has any advice of little things here and there I can do to get my body prepared for Cross Fit (my classes don’t start til June 18th), I would greatly appreciate it.