I have now learned about how deep the relationship is between me and my coffee.  I spilled my entire mug this morning when I was making and am now caffeine-less as I didn’t have time to make another mini pot (I only make 1.5 cups worth).  I know I should just suck it up and head over to Starbucks before my lack of caffeine really starts to mess with my day. lol…I am just disappointed because my clumsiness is ruining my “goodness” on the budget front.

In any case, at this moment, I feel like H-E-double hockey sticks warmed over.  What isn’t helping is the fact that my legs are killer sore, not from my workout last night (which I am still rather proud of), but from foam rolling.  I read about the “proper” way to foam roll from a post on the blog Carrots and Cake (I am having issues adding links again, so just google it).  Anyway, the jist of the article is that you don’t roll like a crazy person, over the same knots back and forth, but rather, you roll til you FIND the knots and then hold on the gentle pressure until it loosens.  I wasn’t expecting there to be that much of a difference, but, holy heck is there a difference!  My calves especially noticed!  Aside from the pain that is part of any sort of deep massage, they feel amazingly loose.  I’m intrigued to see how this change in my rolling form will impact my knee/ITB issues as well.  I also now realize how sad it is that this sort of realization makes me happy and excited.

Actually speaking of running, I am totally pumped as today I am going for a lunch run with my friend A, who is battling her way back from her own ITB issues.  She’s a former work colleague of mine from my old days working in pseudo politics.  We bonded over mutual fitness/weight loss goals and interest, which has also developed into food, blog sharing and manicure dates where we make ourselves some lunch, grab nail polishes and some festive drinks and sit in her back yard and do our nails and chat. Seriously, fun girly times. 🙂  Anyway, I digress.  She’s a triathlete, we are going for a run, and eventually, this summer I am going to do my first triathlon…with her.  Eek! 😐 lol.

Ok. Must. Seriously. Go. Get. Coffee. Before. I. Fall. Over.

Love Leesah!

P.S. Very excited for the weekend–am going to go check out a cross fit gym! YAY!