….with my gramma and grampa.  Yep…that’s right. I spent my Saturday night with them.

I have an 11 mile run planned for tomorrow so I didn’t want to be out late, drinking things I shouldn’t be drinking, so I planned to do early mother’s day at my grandma’s.  I baked her a key lime pie and bought her a little tea set: a new mug, a tea strainer holder dish thing, a tea strainer and three new cans of tea from David’s Tea.  I got her one called chocolate cake and it is PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!  So we drank that delish tea, chatted, ate pie and watched the movie In Bruges–overall a fabulous night.

Prior to that I went and checked out what, in about 6 weeks, will be my cross-fit gym.  I am happy to report that it seemed really awesome.  I met the owner and she seemed truly great and it got me more excited and less nervous about attending.  I also watched a level one class, which is similar to the On-Ramp program I will be doing, and it looked challenging but not scary, which was a huge, huge relief.

I didn’t workout today as I had some major shin splints happening yesterday and I rowed a bit too long and gave myself massive blisters on my hands–so I just decided to take the day off.  I also decided to try on some of my “skinny clothes”  with all my free time this afternoon.  I am not sure why because I didn’t feel any smaller, but turns out I must be–things were fitting. Heck, I was even able to get my size 27 rock and republic jeans up and on–just nowhere close to being done up–this is HUGE.  i couldn’t even get them past my knees in the New Year.  This is a huge boost of motivation, which couldn’t come at a better time, what with my 11 miler tomorrow and 2 weeks exactly til Fargo.

In doing this little rummage through my closet, I also saw what I had lots of and what I needed in my wardrobe.  Since I have a running and shopping trip coming up to Fargo/Minneapolis, I also made a list of the things I need so that I don’t blow my budget–yes, I am still sticking to this whole thing (or atleast I am going to try in Minneapolis), especially with cross fit starting, which has the potential to greatly change my body. 🙂  Here are the things I need:

  • dark denim–my current pair is nearly worn out in the crotch–damn my chub rubbin’ thighs
  • a white shift dress–my favourite, mad men esque white one that I bought from the Limited in 2010 has seen better days.  It’s not super white anymore and it has a tiny hole from a bench I sat in in Australia.  I love the look of a crisp white dress and I need to replace it and won’t throw out the old until I find something new.
  • a cute outfit from J. Crew–i drool over everything on their website–but I have never shopped there as I never have found anything I truly love “in store.”  I am hoping that, this time, I will be successful
  • a Panama hat (if it looks good)–i have trouble finding hats that fit my head, but I love the look of a panama hat–maybe I can find one in Minnie that will fit and look good?
  • cross fit shoes (no this isn’t fashion, but they told me today not to use running shoes and its all i have).

Anyway, I should probably start a quick load of  laundry so I’m not known as the smelly girl at the gym. lol.

Sweet dreams!