Morning Everyone!

Rainy Monday= extra pow for wardrobe and hair choices

Hope you are all doing super fabulously today!  Me, I am–and rest assured it isn’t because of the weather.  Nor is it because I ran 10 miles yesterday in 82:45 (I had to stop at 10.25 because my calf seized–and I don’t know what my final time was b/c I was too busy trying not to kill myself getting off the treadmill with my gimped leg–quite the sight, i must say). It’s because I have gotten, on average, 7 hours of sleep every night for the past 3 nights.  HUZZAH!  I can’t believe what it has done.  It has made my mornings a breeze and I actully feel ready for work and ready to tackle whatever ridiculousness the world tries to throw at me.  I mean, look at this picture–i curled my hair for work…on a MONDAY!?!?!  This is crazy!  Or maybe it’s the kale…but I’m hoping it is the sleep.  I have eaten 1.5 leaves of kale every day for the last 4 days as well.  I’m thinking it isn’t the kale as I have eaten kale before (though not with regularity) and I have never felt this energized. Anyway, I am hoping I can continue with this increase in sleep and maybe work on averaging 7 hours a night instead of 5?  Time to break out a big ol’ case of will power. 😉 What changes have you made to your daily routine that have had a quick, noticeable impact in your life? Much Luv, Leesah