So remember my post from yesterday?  It was the post in which I boasted how good I was sleeping?  Well guess what happened last night–karma bit me in the @ss.  Not impressed.  I miss feeling awake and energized.  *sigh*

I got in a pretty decent workout last night, given the gym was a GONG show.  Apparently bad weather brings everyone into the gym.  I couldn’t even find a free piece of floor to skip rope for 15 minutes.  It was that busy.  In the end, I rowed for 20 minutes (holy hard workout batman!) and did intervals on the stationary bike for 25 minutes, followed by weights.

When I got home I made some surprisingly delicious “paleo” strawberry muffins.  Though my addition of white chocolate chips probably took away some of the “paleo”-ness, they were really good.  My only complaint was the weird wetness/stickiness of the cooked muffins.  They stuck to the muffin liners a lot more than I would’ve liked.  Regardless of those small faults, they were stupidly good.  Can’t wait to make them again–except maybe with blackberries or blueberries next time! 🙂

Tonight’s plans, well, I need to finish making my perogies (a ukrainian/polish/russian stuffed dumpling type food), do my time at the gym (speed work, weights) and finish the laundry.  I might also make some raw cookie dough bites.  I can’t remember if I mentioned them last week, but they consist of raw cashews, oats, agave and maple syrups and some chocolate chips and they taste amazingly like cookie dough.  Oh!  And I have to work out an itinerary for my upcoming trip to Minneapolis so that my cousin and I can hit all the shops we want in our 1.5 days of post half marathon shopping madness.

Oh and speaking of half marathons and my cousin–we both just signed up for the First Annual Winnipeg Firefighters and Paramedics Service Half Marathon on October 20, 2012.  I’m kinda pumped as it will mark the first time I have ever run an inaugural race!  YAY!  Plus, provided I enjoy and continue with crossfit after my one month on ramp program, it will be my first half since changing up my fitness plan rather drastically.  Very, very exciting. 🙂

Oh! OH!!!  I almost forgot–I decided to way myself for sh!ts and giggles this morning and the number was awesome!!!  160.8!  HOLY SMOKES!!!!  Can you believe this craziness!?  I sure can’t!  SQUEE!

Much luv and happy Tuesday everyone!