So I don’t want to be at work today–but not for the usual reasons (ie I don’t enjoy what I do or its stressful).  Nope.

It’s far more simple than that.

It’s going to be 27°C today…which I believe is in the mid 80’s in Fahrenheit.  This is way too nice for this early in May to be stuck at a desk, in a cubicle, with no window.  Like…seriously, I want to go and sit on a blanket in a park with some lovely friends and sip iced coffees or something. 🙂

Today’s post work plans are an 7-8 mile hard run.  It will be second last long/hard run prior to the Fargo Half-Marathon on May 19th.  I sooo can’t wait for that race.  Just to be out and running and feeling good, strong…it’s going to be so wonderful.  The post Fargo trip to Minneapolis to shop and eat and relax is just icing on that proverbial cake.

My only concern with tonight’s run is the beginning of what feels like shin splints on my left leg.  I was in heels at an event all day yesterday and I’m paying for it.  I hope that this doesn’t turn into something that lingers–as it would be the worst possible timing. 

Running aside, I also can’t wait to get home and whip up some raw cookie dough bites (which are gluten free, egg free, vegan) and are super delish.  I plan on posting the recipe and some pics tonight as that was requested by a reader! 🙂

Anyway, I must get to the ever growing task list–hope you all have a super fabulous day today, no matter what you are doing!