Hi Everybody (Hi Dr. Nick–that is for the Simpson’s fans)!

The weather forecast for Fargo is bad right now.  Super high humidity and super warm, with potential rain.  I think it will be ok though, as the half marathoners start early at 7:30, but still, I am concerned. 

The forecast on my budget for the month of May is brutal too.  This week has been a gong show of friends from out-of-town coming in to visit, concerts, last lunches before babies arrive, etc. and it essentially has meant that after only two diligent weeks, my budget has gone out the window.  I am going to try to recover from the overspending over the last week, but with Fargo/Minneapolis coming, I don’t think it’s going to happen.  Might have to chalk it up as a “loss” and focus more on June. 🙂

The forecast on my weight isn’t so hot either.  Everyone knows that eating out isn’t good for one’s waistline and I can so feel the impacts of eating nearly every meal out for the last 6 days.  I am going to try desperately not to go to nuts on junk food on my weekend in Minneapolis, but, let’s be honest–I am going to Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis for brunch two days in a row…it’s one of my favourite restaurants of all time and there is no way in hell (pun unintended) that I’m not going to take full advantage of the delicious things they have to offer–especially in their new bakery, Angel Food, which only opened last week.

So yeah, forecasts aren’t so great right now, but, I’m doing my best to take it in stride and not stress…because if you stress, you don’t enjoy yourself and I want to enjoy every part of this weekend as I have looked so, so forward to it.

As an aside to all of this deliciousness, I must ask the blogosphere–if you knew someone were going to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s for the first time, what would you recommend they try?  I love both of these stores but I get a weird sort of paralysis because everything looks so good and I can only bring back certain items to Canada (ie. non frozen treats and nothing that needs to stay cold so no delicious cheeses…*sigh* 😦 )

And now I am forecasting a busy, gong showy day at work again so I better pitter patter and get at ‘er–so much to do before I leave on Friday morning–GAH!



P.S. Last decently hard run before Fargo–ran 4 miles in 31:47! YES!