I have no idea what a dislocated shoulder feels like…but I do know what a pulled muscle in a shoulder feels like.

Holy heck.  I can’t turn to my right, nor can I relax my shoulder.   I have to keep it tensed up and it feels AWFUL!  Seriously…like, ridiculously terrible.  Like, hurts to type, move and breathe, terrible.

This is not going to be particularly fun for my upcoming business trip to Calgary and Banff over the next few days.  Lugging around luggage and spending 4 hours on a bus and a similar amount of time on a plane… Shoot. Me.   Though, I am greatful this didn’t happen any earlier–I would’ve been completely shattered should this had happened on race day.

Speaking of race day–I must, must MUST get to those race recap posts–so much to share–esp. my last pre-race two miler where I got hit by a car!

Yes.  You read that right–I got hit by a car–clearly it wasn’t serious, but it was an interesting moment.

Much luv and have a happy hump day!