Wow.  it feels like forever since I blogged last.  These last few days have been educational, stupid, frustrating and enlightening all at once.

I think that, the biggest thing I learned is that I need protein.   Over the last 2 weeks, I have slowly but surely cut out my excess sugar and carbs in order to follow a more Paleo based diet in preparation for Crossfit–and it was working tremendously.  No crazy cravings, greater focus at work, good sleep, flatter/unbloated tummy and yeah just generally feeling good.  My goal was to shoot for an 80/20 ratio of following paelo simply because it’s no secret that I love baking and baking and paleo do not make for good bed fellows.

Fast forward to my work trip to SK–where I was in scheduled meetings for 2 days, filled with hotel food and no rental car or grocery store nearby.  It was horrible.  No protien and healthy fats to be seen.  The results weren’t pretty and I ate a king’s ransom in carbs, sugar and overall junk–which made me feel like junk.

The benefit of this horrible experience, however, was that it showed me the impact of the change in my diet and the damage lots of sugary/processed carbs can do, esp. when not paired with a proper meal to begin with.  IE the handful of fruit I had for breakfast, eventually followed by a cinnamon bun is not a wise option for me.

So yeah, all in all, good lesson and I’m glad this didn’t happen during my cross fit onramp. 🙂

Much luv,