Actually, I would.  Am a big fan of cheese–esp some brie and quince paste…or some warm haloumi.

I’m sorry for my winey post yesterday.  It’s just that the request for the set up seemingly based on nothing more than the fact that I am single and have a pulse, just took me down a few notches.  Those are not reasons to set people up.  If they have some sort of commonality, or might find each other interesting or that they will get along, that is one thing…but the fact that I’m alive and single just isn’t enough if you ask me.  The fact that most of my friends said, in response to my reaction to this request, was you should go as I don’t have anything to lose was even more frustrating.  Again, it’s like, because I am single, I shouldn’t look a gift horse, or in this case, a gift set up in the mouth.

I also spoke about this set up request with one of my colleagues.  I spoke of  the things I was uncomfortable with and she asked me if I had a “list” of the qualities and things in a potential partner.  I said no, not really and that I had some ideas of things, but it wasn’t set in stone, mostly due to other friends advising that I shouldn’t have a list because it would make me weed out guys who could be potentials.  She suggested that I do here it goes.

Top 5 deal breakers:

1. Be a decent, kind human being (ie not a substance abuser, someone who won’t beat me, etc), who likes me for me…which is a tall order, apparently.

2. Be gainfuly employed and have their shit together, more or less.

3. Not be a bump on a log (ie someone who will interact with the people in my life, get up and do stuff with me or his friends etc rather than sit around plaing video games all day, every day, etc)

4. Someone who is interested in the idea of starting a family (not sure if I want one yet, but I want there to be the possibility at least)

5. Non-smoker…not sure if that qualifies under the not a substance abuser one, but i’m not counting it as the same.

Top 5 nice to haves

1. Shares some common interests with me like travel, physical activity, or music

2. Someone with whom I can have intelligent conversation with

3.  Someone who appreciates my geeky tendencies and has some geeky things about them, too.

4. Someone who will get me a latte on a freezing cold morning when we ran out of coffee.

5. Someone who can make me laugh.

Gosh…all these things sound so lame–I cannot believe I have actually put these out on the interwebs.

Now my questions for the blogosphere–is a list of ten things too short?  Too long?  What is/was on your list?  Did the things you look for change over time?

Much luv,