Happy Friday everyone!

I’m not sure if everyone out in the interwebs is feeling the same, but I know that it was a long, long, LONG week for me as well as a number of my friends.  I know there were moments where I felt this beautiful day would never, ever come.  🙂  Especially since I have fun plans for today and the weekend. 🙂

Today is also one of my oldest friends (we have known each other since 1992–we met on the first day of grade 7), turns 32–happy birthday miss C-L!

So what are the plans, well, they revolve around my dad a fair bit–but it isn’t solely because it’s father’s day weekend….it’s because he needs my amazing assistance…and well, I also need his.  I’m helping my dad finish setting up the bbq he bought several years ago–he’s not the handiest of fellows …and when things go wrong he throws a Homer Simpson setting up a bbq type of freak out…

So we started setting up the bbq late last fall and some of the included washers were stripped so we need to get the right ones….upon finding those washers, we will be up and cooking with propane in no time.  Yay for potentially bbq’d dinner.

I am also helping him find a new car–he’s not sure what he wants.  He is of three minds right now–go with something reliable–like a Nissan Altima, go with something good for moving things–like a Hyundai Sante Fe, or look into a little sports car with a winter beater car–my dad’s fave sports car is what was formerly known as the Mazda Miata–not sure what it is called now.  I can’t wait to see what he ends up with!  🙂

How do I need his help, well, I’m running a leg for a relay team in the Manitoba Marathon on Sunday and I need a pick up/drop off.  I’m not a fan of the race in general as it is usually as hot as hedes, the course is boring as heck and the shwag is brutal for a race that is relatively expensive, but I digress.  Anyway, my dad is nice enough to get up early on HIS day to drive me to the race and back…and then I’m making him his favourite breakfast–Hell’s Kitchen maple glazed bison sausage and eggs.  I figure that is a pretty darn good repayment.

Fun times with my dear old dad aside, I also have a hot lunch date this afternoon with my friend from grad school who is in town from Toronto–and then I might, might just hit lululemon after to pick up some new workout gear as apparently they have a sale on and my old gear is at that awful point where you can’t wash out the sweat stink–you wear it once and it just ain’t pretty.

What do YOU have planned for this fabulous father’s day weekend?

Much luv,