I’ve sorta fallen off of the fitness and healthy eating wagon a bit since my Fargo Half Marathon PR brilliance.

Between traveling for work, injuries, a few migraines, sleepless nights, a few lazy moments, lots of celebrations and cross fit related DOMS, I haven’t done much when it comes to healthy eating and regular exercises.

I am changing that tomorrow, starting with running my leg of the Manitoba Marathon Relay.  It’s about 4.75 miles…should be a piece of cake–or, well, it would’ve been if I had kept running for the last few weeks. lol.  I am also starting my Cross Fit On Ramp program on Monday–which is so awesome and scary–based on that one free class my friend and I attended last week.  Eek!

I am also going to experiment with a paleo diet–as recommended by the cross-fit folks.  I’m going to try hard to be super strict, not sure how that will go, honestly, but I am going to try.  After the thirty days, I’m not sure where i will go.  Given that I love to bake, I think that the most realistic approach after the thirty days would be 80/20….but we will see how crazy I am by the end of the month.  I also think that cravings related to emotional eating may prove to be a problem, but hopefully a can of coconut milk (which is apparently good for carb cravings), will help.

The friend who is doing crossfit with me wants to keep stats/measures on our physical changes, including before and after pics–I will post them as soon as I can.  I hope one of the after pics shows an ab or two…if so, I am going to reward myself with an awesome bikini. Progress will be posted on the Lose It Page that i have on this blog (which I haven’t updated in AGES! Such a bad blogger!)

Wish me luck!

Luv Leesah