*sigh* so far today has lived up to the hump day vibe.  I feel like I am in the midst of the hump and i’m looking forward to getting off of it.

Today was the day where we find out if we are getting laid off.  I still haven’t heard anything–no news is usually good news, but when it comes to whether or not I have a regular pay cheque, I want to know difinitively that I will continue to get pay cheques for awhile–I hope we find out soon.

Otherwise, once this job or no job business is through, I have a fit-tastic day ahead of me.  I am going to sneak into the air conditioned comfort of my gym for a quick 4-5 miles as I miss my running big time since starting cross fit.  Then I have my much balley-hooed bike ride with my friend A!  So can’t wait! 🙂

And then I will come home and do laundry–which, somehow, I didn’t get to last night and opted for bed instead. lol.  This going to bed early thing is messing with my to do list, but it is awesome in terms of the level of sleep.  I felt so rested when I awoke this morning.

What you have planned for this humpty hump day?  I hope it is something fun and not involving losing your pay cheques!

Luv Leesah