My job is safe–thank goodness.  Not sure what will happen in 2013, but for now–totally safe.  Phew!

So glad that stress is gone–can’t believe how tired it made me today–as soon as we got the announcement, I felt a great sense of relief and a big rush of energy and then a huge, huge low in my energy levels…so much so that I over indulged in snacks/fruits while I was making dinner tonight.  Not a good scene, but dealing with emotional eating, well it is all a learning process–next time I will skip food and just go for a nap, which is what my body was telling me to do anyway.

I also feel a lil less down on my naughty eating earlier today because I went for my first real bike ride of the year with my friend A.  Totally went amazingly–we went for about 75 minutes in Assiniboine Park and it was so lovely and warm with a nice breeze.  Was a nice night to be alive, essentially.  I can’t wait to do it again–though I think I will have to invest in a bike rack before that time comes.

Oh and one other item that added to the emotional drama of the afternoon was that, ironically, the career counselor whom I was hoping to chat with about a new career called during my post announcement walk.  I don’ t have any privacy in my office, so I didn’t call back, but man, did that do a number on me in terms of excitement, nerves, etc.  Again, the big announcement and this, all together, was a roller coaster for my emotions–and now I am going to put them to bed.

Thanks for the support and listening to me stress earlier today–it is greatly appreciated.