Yes…a weird title–but there is a reason–

My lilac highlights–SQUEE!

 yes…i have lilac highlights in my hair!  They clearly are subtle and they will wash out eventually as they are only toner as most people won’t interpret lilac hair as super professional–but it will totally work for the long weekend ahead. 🙂  Oh and sorry for the lame picture over all–this is post cross fit so my make up is gone and I am all read faced and pimply–but again who cares because I have lilac hair! 

It’s also a good day because, well, it’s the Friday of a long weekend.  July 1 is Canada Day so we celebrate our nation’s birthday (145 years this year) and, because it is on a Sunday, we get an extra day off on Monday–thus it is a long weekend-woot woot! So if you are feeling like celebrating a bit of Canada, too, well, I suggest you try to find yourself some ketchup chips, maple syrup, back bacon or the holy grail of Canadian food inventions–poutine (french fries, gravy and cheese curds–trust me, you won’t be disappointed) and munch away on Sunday.  Though if you are chosing to imbibe these items, you may wish to do your cardio first. 🙂 

Cross fit was pretty neat yesterday and it signified the halfway point of the on ramp I am in–we learned about snatches (which made me and my pervy friend giggle–and no we aren’t 14, but just the way our coach said it–it was hilarious), front squats and started progressions on pull ups.  I was doing negatives where you jump up to the bar, like you are at the top of a pull up and you lower yourself down as slowly as possible.  My best was about 10 seconds, my worst was about 6…very difficult, but you know…it’s on track to me doing a proper full pull up one day.   

Our WOD was pretty calm, which was a nice change: 30 seconds of weighted walking lunges–weight held over head, shoulders engaged, followed by 30 second rest, 30 seconds skipping, 30 seconds rest with the sequence repeated 4 times. Anyway, I am some crazy need for coffee so I’m going to venture out. 

Much luv, happy Friday and be safe on this crazy long weekend!