So one of the things that was recommended in the research I have done on being happy to stop comparing my life to others and to stop moving the happiness bar to different spots, I am supposed to become more mindful.

One way to do this is to conjure a gratitude/good things list at the end of each day. To save time and to have weekend posts, I am going to do this weekly, on Saturdays/Sundays (as I am not a regular weekend blogger). Each day’s list of gratitude (3 things), will be posted. I am interested to see what comes of this revival of my gratitude challenge and see if I become more mindful. If you have any tips regarding ways to become more mindful, then please, share them! 🙂

So, without further ado, here is my list (for the last two weeks):

Sunday (June 24):
1. My friends L and M.  The reassured me and talked me down from a moment where I was losing it.

2. I was able to zip up a dress that I haven’t been able to zip in 2 years.

3. I was able to channel my anger/sadness/frustration into something positive rather than destructive a la binge eating.


1. Cross Fit–it is one of the few places that I feel I am mindful–I focus on the task at hand, how my body feels, how much my lungs are burning, the sweat dripping.

2. Cowboy Junkies–I got to hear my favourite song and I was front row and I was able to appreciate their other stuff much, much more than I anticipated. Am now a bigger fan.

3. I was able to go to sleep early. Instead of forcing myself to stay up to watch tv, prep my brekkie and lunch for the next day, or start my laundry, I just went to bed. It was rather liberating as I usually wouldn’t listen and I am so grateful that I did.


1. A neat job perk–thanks to a long planned doctor’s appointment, I had to take a conference call from the starbucks patio next door to my doctor’s as presence on the call was mandatory.  Thus, I sat on the patio, listened, commented and enjoyed the blustery warm day–i think that this might be the way conference calls were meant to happen.

2. I allowed myself a treat–with this whole paleo thing, I am cooking a lot as pretty much everything involves meat.  Today, well, cooking wasn’t happening so I made myself a box of my secret stash of Trader Joe’s Organic White Cheddar mac and cheese.  I had the normal serving and savoured every single bite.  And, for a change, I felt satisfied with my one serving instead of going to finish what was left in the pot.  Clearly there is something to this mindful eating thing.

3. I was able to help a friend today–One of my friends struggles with similar eating issues as I do.  I was able to give her a pep talk and speak to some of the things I have already learned from the audio book I bought on finding happiness and she said it was helpful.  It made me feel like a million dollars to know I was able to help a friend who is very important to me and has always had my back and supported me.


1.  I still have a job.  Phew!  It’s good to know that, at the very least, I have another year of work ahead.

2.  Cycling.  I went on a proper bike ride with my friend A on a gorgeous warm summer evening–and it was amazing and made me feel like a few million bucks, which was def. not expected.  Cannot wait to go again.

3.  Choices.  I made the choice to not go running after work like I had initially planned.  Not only was the AC not working at the gym (I actually got up to the door and they had a sign), but I also opted to not go because I was exhausted and mentally wiped and needed some “no running time.”  I was glad that I listened to my body and did was felt right rather than pushing through and being miserable.


1. My hair.  It’s got flipping lilac highlights people!  ‘Nuff said.

2. My hair stylist.  Guy is amazing.  He always gives me the best hair, makes me feel like a million bucks and has the best personality ever–I have had many stylists in the past, but I have never bonded with one like I have bonded with him.  Super amazeballs!

3.  Laughing with my friend M and my cross fit coach when he said “today we are going to learn about the power snatch” and we giggled and he didn’t get mad.  It was fun to behave like a teenager, if only for that fleeting moment.


1. I had the pleasure of taking out a friend from childhood for a delicious birthday dinner.

2. I cut loose at a party (which I don’t normally do) and managed to have an epic moment of acceptance of my body (I won’t get into details but it was shocking what a difference this has made in my self-confidence in the last week).

3. I drank champagne (Moet & Chandon Rose) and didn’t get a migraine.


1. Was only mildly hung over.  For me, this is HUGE.

2. Made delicious chocolate chip, marshmallow cornflake crunch cookies for my super sweaty visit with my grandparents (sadly they don’t have air conditioning)

3.  My grandpa was in a good mood and goofing around–he doesn’t always do that with all of his memory issues now.

Sunday: (July 1-week 2)

1. Watched Euro Cup Final and ate Chinese take out with my brother and my dad

2. Made my friend her birthday key lime pie and apparently it was eagerly munched and loved–yay!

3.  Went to a gorgeous reception for my friend L.  The bride and groom looked great, the setting made me fell as though I wasn’t in Winnipeg and…AND there were chocolate dipped cones

Yummy Wedding Ice Cream Cones

BONUS Good thing:  I didn’t care about my diet–i just ate what I wanted without going crazy both in eating and beating myself up.


1. I was a vegetable all day long.

2. I ate breakfast while watching True Blood

3. I learned that it will be awhile before I want to do another day of being a vegetable all day long


1. Spent some time with my grandparents

2. Spent some time with my friend T and her daughter/my niece Rach

3. Got my @ss handed to me on a platter at cross fit


1.  Went with the True Blood Girls to see Magic Mike–great times.

2. Sneaked in a pre movie 3 mile run–was amazing to run again.

3. Had a very good hair night, despite not having time to wash my hair after my super sweaty 3 miler.


1. Cross fit-again, it almost killed me but in the most fantastic way.

2. Phone date with my friend C from T-dot!

3. Ate super healthfully (finally) after about a week of bad-ish eating


1. It’s Friday

2. Lunch/therapy session with my adopt-a-mom

3. Found out my friends from Ottawa are in town next weekend and having a bit ol’ BBQ–and I’m bringing the key lime pies! 🙂


1. Donated blood successfully (my iron levels are always a problem–not this time–I was 10 points over!)

2. I made my practice birthday cake (another Momofuku recipe) and it is AMAZING!  Tons of work..but yeah…amazing.

3. Had two weird moments where guys tried to pick me up after meeting up with a friend for drinks.  The best of the two was the guy who through in a crumpled up ball of paper into my car window at a stop light– It said “I’m James.  You are stunning.  Can I buy you dinner? ” and then his phone number.  WTF?  I mean, super flattering, but what is going on?!  This sorta thing never happens to me… lol.

So yeah…here ‘s two weeks of good things and gratefulness–what are you grateful for?

Luv Leesah