is a very intimidating prospect and truthfully it is something I imagined doing with a partner rather than on my own.  In lieu of Aleksander Skarsgaard coming to sweep me off my feet, I am doing this whole thing on my own…eek.

There are so many different things running around my head as to this whole property buying thing and it is starting to give me nightmares.  Some of the questions include:

  • House or condo?
  • What area of the city? (be close to where I grew up and my gym or venture out?)
  • Fixer Upper or ready to roll?
  • How much to spend? (don’t want to be house poor but don’t want a shabby place either–and I know this depends on my approvals for mortgages and down payments)
  • Will I get my money back on the particular investment?
  • Is it safe?
  • Will there be enough room for entertaining?
  • What are the deal breakers for me: Big kitchen? In Suite laundry? A/C?
  • Manageable yard?
  • Parking?
  • Good gym in the area?
  • noise level (is the home near railroad tracks/airport/noisy neighbours/no soundproofing)

See what I mean? lol.  Scary as hell.  Does anyone know of any other things I should be considering when it comes to buying a property?  Anyone have tips on how to work in a seller’s market where bids of well over the asking price are common and there is very little time to mull over making offers?

Any help/ideas would be lovely and appreciated.

Luv Leesah