I don’t know if any of you ever read the blog Perez Hilton…I did for awhile and I always thought it was odd and rather stupid that people would post “First” on the comments on each post–what is the point of this people?

But I digress…that isn’t what this post is about…although now I will probably get someone posting “first” in the comments for sh!ts and giggles. lol.

What this post is about, however, two weird things that happened to me this weekend–“firsts” if you will.  One is nutrition based and the other falls into the realm of men/dating/etc….a topic that always causes me great grief.

So nutrition…I finally felt the hard-core effects of ingesting too much sugar.  See, I have had the desire to bake over the last little bit…and I wanted to test out what I was hoping would be my birthday cake (yes…I am making my own birthday cake as I always bake for other people, never myself…) and well, it was delicious…

My practice Momofuku Milk Bar birthday cake

 …my birthday cake was so delicious that I ended up having three flipping pieces and some of the left over scraps in less than 24 hours.  Now, I’m sure that, prior to me starting to somewhat follow a paleo style diet (though I have not been overly strict), this might’ve been fine…but since starting and generally cutting out a good portion of sugar…it just about killed me.  My stomach felt awful, my head hurt and just generally I felt out of it.  I know now, however, that I can’t eat sugar like I used to and well, I won’t do that again…ever…well, unless I knew I was going to die the next day. lol. The other first was getting picked up in my car via a crumpled up note.  As I was driving home from a night out with a friend of mine, I was rockin out to Gold on the Ceiling by the Black Keys, windows and sunroof down and just enjoying myself.  I guess I was a bit too focused on driving and rocking out because I didn’t notice that someone had thrown a note into my car asking me for a date.  Since I don’t get asked out all that often, it has kind of weirded me out but it is also quite flattering..  So yeah..wherever you are, random dude named James in the ‘Peg…thanks for making my night. Did you have any firsts this weekend?  Also, for any True Blood fans out there–what a CRAZY episode!!!  Line of the night had to be “you sure know how to show a lady a good time”–Eric to Alcide after Sookie pukes on his shoes. Happy Monday Everyone, Leesah