a recipe for Mojito Cheesecake Pops.  Thank you www.sprinklebakes.com.  I am absolutely going to make these on the weekend…especially if my cousin and I get together for lunch on Sunday–as she is a big mojito fan as well–though, I reckon I will try to make these with white chocolate instead.  Thoughts?

But I digress on the baking front.  Yesterday’s moment of peace and semi clarity at the bakery and this impending feeling of me, my life and how I live it, being on a weird precipice…like something great is about to happen…but a few more things need to fall into line, including, and most importantly my “self.”  I need to get my head and heart into the game so that, when these things fall into line and there are choices to be made in terms of paths to follow, I will be ready and willing to take the right path for me.

So that means that I ended up spending a good chunk of cash on some self-help e-books about building self-confidence, trying to end self-defeating behaviours, finding your passion, etc. 

In the coming weeks I will read them all, tell you all what is interesting about them, what I will work on in terms of developing my self and what the books mention.  Hopefully I can be the guinea pig that may just help you become your best self, too.  Oh and for the record, I am NOT trying to be Oprah. lol

Anyway, on that note, I have grants to evaluate, phone calls to return, forms to fill out and tea (David’s Tea–Chai Guarana) to brew so I don’t pass out from exhaustion during an impending conference call.

Much luv,


P.S. Yesterday I managed to rock out a slow and steady inclined 6 miles!  Not sure how this is possible–maybe it is the fact that I am eating carbs again. lol  Oh and this shoulder thing is nuts–it hurts to put on my running/compression tights and take off sports bras. WTF.