It was a stupidly hot and humid night in the peg. So much so that my plan of doing speed work at the gym was just not going to happen. Instead I made myself a super healthy dinner–baked chicken fingers (with greek yogurt and panko), had a phone date with a good friend of mine and then hunkered down my ipad and a pint of Cherry Garcia and embarked in my own eat pray love style journey of self discovery….and let me assure you, it was a doozey…and the ice cream was pretty great, too. Lol.

I think I will call this part of this journey of mine “discover, believe, Garcia.”. And, since it is late, you will have to wait for part 2 of the story with the real meat of tonight’s explorations tomorrow.

Until then, enjoy this fun thing a friend posted on facebook this evening. I am thinking of making it my mantra.


Good one right? 😉

Nighty night y’all!