Here we go–this will mark a month of happiness/gratitude tracking.  I’m thinking it might be finally kicking in because, generally speaking, I am feeling a weird sort of calm inside, rather than chaos.  Anyway here is my list of gratitude for the week.

Sunday (July 15):

1. Woke up migraine free (one started up the evening before)

2. Brunch with my friend Divine Miss E from T-dot.

3. True Blood Night–despite the long drive to this festive occasion, it is so worth it.  Plus we were treated to chocolate chip scones.


1. New teas–Organic Root Beer Float, Chai Guarana and Chocolate Rocket–hopefully these lovely teas will keep me energized during my afternoon slump and keep me from spending my hard-earned $$ at Starbucks.

2. The end of my cross fit on ramp–improved my baseline time by about 30 seconds, finishing in 5:02…given how off and how sore my shoulder was, I think that is pretty great.

3.  Instead of being completely lazy I prepped all my breakfast and lunch for the next day before bed…and it made for a ridiculously easy morning the next day.


1.  My six-mile run.  Not sure where it came from, but it felt great and I totally appreciated the fact that I finished it and felt good and oddly not death like–thank you carbohydrates. lol.

2. The treats from the dream bakery.  So good.  As I had mentioned, it made me want to live the dream and start a bakery.  It was also noteable as I didn’t feel guilty for my indulgence at all.  Remarkable I know.

3. Carbohydrates.  Sincerely.  Despite the fact that I tried paleo and initially found some really great results from it…it was too hard to stick to with my social life and love of baking.  Plus, my runs were horrible messes when I was on the paleo thing.  Yay for carb cycling! 🙂


1. Day at the spa with two lovely friends…’nuff said, I reckon.

2. My almost $20 per pill migraine meds.  They. Actually. Work.  It is such a relief that, when my first line of defence of pills aren’t up to snuff, that these wonderful drugs, though expensive, make for a migraine free existence.

3. Cherry Coke Zero.  I’m not a big soda fan to begin with.  In fact, throughout my childhood I never touched the stuff and only started when I became of drinking age and my friends all drank rum and cokes–and even then I didn’t like it.  One summer in my university years, the lovely people of coke brought in cherry coke to Canada.  I tried and loved it (though only had one or two of them that summer).  And then it was gone.  Now, whenever I am state side, this is one of the items I can’t not buy…they are the best, best treat when  have one of my migraines.


1. My pretty, sparkly, pedicured, pink toes.  I smile whenever I look down.

2. Cherry Garcia Ice Cream by Ben and Jerry’s.  Every. Single. Lick. From. My. Spoon.

3. Choosing what felt right to me.  That night it was “Leesah” time with my iPad, reading my ebooks, eating ice cream, rather than a run.  Choosing that and not feeling guilty was a bit of a shock and revelation…never mind the ones that I got from reading.


1.  A repeat of last week–Fitness Friday of running and hot yoga with my lil’ cuz.

2. Starbucks this morning.   It’s been my only Starbucks trip this week thanks to my fancy tea purchase earlier in the week.  Yay for some financial discipline.

3.  My family and friends from all over the world are safe and sound.  Seeing things like the horrible violence in Aurora, Colorado makes you appreciate the people in your lives that much more.


1. Comic Book Movie Day with my big (and only) brother.  We are going to see a morning show of the Dark Knight Rises, followed by a nice lunch and then Spiderman.  We don’t spend as much time together as we probably should (we are SUPER different), but when we do hang, I really look forward to it.

2. Baking those delicious Mojito Cheesecake Pops tonight–can’t wait to try them out!

3.  Phone date tonight with my bestie in Australia.  If only we could have phone dates while I ran half marathons–it would be the fastest race ever as whenever we talk, time simply flies.