Quite honestly, I am thinking that the only thing that could perk me up right now is an energy drink version of a mojito, provided one existed. 

A Mock mojito I made for myself on the weekend–i am already salivating.

Clearly going to bed after 1am and getting up at 6am this morning wasn’t the smartest life choice…but, I COULDN’T possible go to bed right when I got home from the Steve Earle show.  I had to wind down and watch True Blood…and the Newsroom, while I was at it.  The unfortunate thing about both those shows is that there are no commercials, so an hour show is really, truly an hour…which is great for viewing purposes, but not so much for sleep.

Now, let me back track to Steve Earle for a moment.  The more I see this guy live, the more I fall in love with his music.  It brings me such a wonderful sense of warmth and contentment.  It’s sorta bluegrassy, sorta country, sorta folky sorta rootsy and sort of rock and roll.  I love it all.  One of my favourite songs happens to be Galway Girl, though I like it because it reminds me of one of my favourite places in Ireland, not because it’s used in the movie P.S. I Love You (the one with Hilary Swank and the super delish Gerard Butler). 

I think that, my only real complaint about Steve Earle is more related to his fans.  A lot of them are rude or insane and in fact, the last Steve Earle show in Winnipeg was ruined by loud, inconsiderate drunken a-holes.  In last night’s show we had a bunch of slightly intoxicated meatheads who felt like they needed attention and provided a running, drunken commentary throughout the show, followed by some poorly executed beer bottle percussion.  Then there was the scary, super skinny drunk woman/burnout, clad in a home-made Steve Earle t-shirt vest, a black sports bra and elastic waistband cargo shorts….this crazy woman also decided to jump up on stage during what is arguably Earle’s biggest hit, Copperhead Road, and tried to dance with him. *awkward*  Fortunately, security did their thing and the show kept a-rockin’.

The rest of my weekend was pretty good.  I know I have been neglecting daily life posts in favour of my self discovery challenge, but yeah, this weekend was too busy, but too busy in a great way.  I got to spend time with my family–through yoga classes and lunches with my cousins, movies and lunch with my older brother and the aforementioned concert with my dad.   

I think what I valued most was the time with my brother–and not because of the fact that he bought me an early birthday gift of a fab new cookbook–based on the blog of Sprinkle Bakes–home of the mojito cheesecake pops (yes, I will, eventually, stop mentioning it). 


Happy early birthday to me!



I think it meant so much in light of the fact that my brother and I don’t do a whole lot together.  We are very different and movies/entertainment are one of the things we come together on.  The ongoings in Aurora made it all a bit sadder and a bit more special because, well, we weren’t in Aurora.  We made it out of The Dark Knight Rises, safely. 

In our younger days, my brother and I, and oddly enough, my mother, would go to the midnight showings of movies like Batman, Indiana Jones, etc.  Those are some of my most positive memories with my brother and especially my mom as it was before depression and booze took over.   It’s sad that it has come to this and fun, family occasions like going to the movies will be forever tarnished with the ridiculous actions of one disturbed person.  As it was, during the movies, I found myself unable to fully lose myself in the movies we watched.  Rather, I watched the exits, people moving in and out of the theatre, wondered what I would do if something similar happened and how I could possibly get me and my brother out alive, safe…especially since I know for a fact that he would be like many of the folks in Aurora and would sacrifice his safety for mine.

I was able to make my grandma’s day by dropping her off some new summer teas, some laundry detergent for the new washer my brother and I bought her (as her and my grampy can’t afford a new one), and a white chocolate caramel frappucino–her favourite summer treat. I was able to express some creativity though making those mojito cheesecake pops (yes I am still talking about them–you would too as they looked this good–just pardon the ziplock bag).

Mmmm Mmmm Good! Mojito Cheesecake Pops

And now, after rambling about great concerts, family, mojito cheesecake pops and tragedies, I think it’s time I bid you all adieu.  Much love to the people of Aurora.

Happy Monday,