Well, not entirely, but I did do a brick workout tonight.  20 minutes running, 20 minutes cycling and 20 minutes running.  I forgot how hard this style of training.  Score one for those crazy triathlon-ers….though, I do hope to be among them one day.  🙂

I am not going to complain about tonight’s workout, however….as it was far more enjoyable than my workouts from earlier  this week.  I just hope that lovely lightness that comes with good, strong and regular runs comes back to me soon. I miss that speed and light when I run–it’s such a satisfying feeling.

Speaking of satisfying feeling, I think it is time I get in some stretching and foam rolling time–it’s not the most comfortable feeling at times, but it def. makes for better, stronger runs, which is ultimately quite satisfying.  I might also make myself some popcorn or some kale chips–as an extra incentive to stretch and foam roll–as I only get them if I do those things. lol  Hopefully this will prevent me from being lazy.

Much luv,

P.S. New baking project coming tomorrow night–my first experimentation with brown butter–in cake form–am super, duper excited!