Morning All!

Happy Friday!   Am ever so glad that it is Friday.  I am totally looking forward to my mojito and cheese night with my friend LP, baking a crazy brown butter cake with cookie dough frosting (… mouth is watering already), and doing a smaller scale True Blood night with my L.

My guilt, however, is not from the aforementioned calorie laden treats.  Rather, it is due to a mini spree I had at Club Monaco yesterday during my lunch break.  I spent $523 to buy two skirts–one stripy and one beaded, a pair of jean shorts (on sale for $29) and an ivory silk shirt (and I could’ve easily bought the black too).  They are all gorgeous, one skirt is ridiculously sparkly and beaded….just, well, all in all, they were amazing and when I was trying them on, I felt like they were reflecting the way I have felt lately–just really together, glowing and light.  Plus, aside from a few new work appropriate clothing additions, I haven’t bought “going out clothes” since 2010, when I was a bit slimmer than now.

The problem is, however, the ridiculous amount of money I paid for these items.  Normally I don’t pay full price for anything at Club Monaco (unless I need a special occasion dress)…but these pieces…oy…they were fantastic and I felt compelled to snatch them up.  But now, the guilt has set in–(the beaded skirt is an especially guilty buy as the occasions to wear it are rather limited–but it was so fabulous, it was hard to leave it there).  Buying these clothes does not coincide with my wish to hunker down and not spend money so I can save up for my first home and my goal vacation of either a surf trip to Costa Rica or baking classes in Paris.

I couldn’t stop thinking about whether or not to keep them.  The bag sat and stared at me all night–might explain why I had soo much trouble falling asleep.  It’s almost amazing to me that guilt can do this to you.  I felt so fabulous in these clothes, but I feel so guilty about not staying true to my ultimate goal of saving my cash.  BAH!

What’s a girl to do?  Do I return all the regular priced items?  Do I keep them and vow not to go so crazy again?  Do I keep parts like the “cheaper” stripey skirt and the top?  Oh and for the record, I am very, acutely aware of the First World Problem nature of my dilemma.

Thoughts?  Suggestions? Sage wisdom?