Ok…so now I am five weeks into this whole gratitude thing…and well, I think it is going pretty well. I sense an undercurrent of positivity and oddly enough, possibility that I haven’t felt before. So very odd, but so very awesome. As far as I am concerned, this gratitude challenge is pretty fan-freakin-tastic. Without further ado…here we go:

Sunday: (July 22)

1. Mojito cheesecake pops. Holee heck. So. Flipping. Good. Even. For. Breakfast.

2. Lunch with my cousin K. We haven’t seen each other since the Fargo half–am greatly looking forward to seeing her and hearing about her trip to Vegas.

3. Steve Earle concert with my dad tonight–LOVE Steve Earle. LOVE that we have front row seats. HATE the venue. Hope the love balances out the hate. lol. Though, no venue will ruin him playing my favourite song, Galway Girl–and no, I don’t like it because of that dumb movie with the gorgeous Gerard Butler, I like it because I have been to Galway and it was one of my favourite cities in Ireland…and it makes me think of that trip and how I would love to go back.


1. Lunch with my friend, M. We now have tentative plans to start swimming together for fitness and since she is an amazing cook, a gathering for wine and cook book examining. 😉

2. I made it to the gym. I moved. Despite the massive magnet trying to hold my ass to my couch.

3. I had a vanilla pomegranate mojito at lunch..ssssh! But, for the record, it was delish!


1. I got a good night’s sleep. Means today I will hopefully not feel like I have been dragged backwards through a keyhole multiple times.

2. My macarons kinda turned out. Holy Heck. I feel like I am on a baking roll…though I think I have hit my limit for sweets–which is a great thing for my expanding waistline. Maybe this is part of my version of Eat Pray Love that I spoke about last week–perhaps this is the end of the “eat” part.

3. I chose not to workout today, and did so without an ounce of guilt. My last two workouts sucked and I wanted to do something that would make me happy…thus the attempt at the macarons.


1. No cavities–had a cleaning/check up with my dentist and he said everything was perfect–plus, thanks to health coverage, the appointment only cost me $22. Thank you health insurance.

2. Migraines. I have one today. The weather is doing wacky things and it has kept me up all night in agony. Sadly, this episode, appears to be one where, to quote The Verve, “the drugs don’t work.” I try to keep this in perspective though–it could be ever so much worse. Migraines are definitely uncomfortable and irritating, but I don’t get them all the time, I have expensive drugs that usually work and those drugs are covered by my health insurance and well, there are many other, far worse, health issues I could have.

3. Cherry Coke Zero. My favourite migraine treat–yet again, it didn’t disappoint. Plus, my dad did a state side run with his lady friend and brought me back 3 more 12 packs! 🙂

1. I ate super healthfully. No urges for junk food, lots of wise choices.

2. I had a glorious nap after work. I think naps are seriously one of the beat things.

3. Club Monaco has a return policy. See my “Guilty Friday” and well, if you don’t want to, it involves a smidge of retail therapy.


1. Lunch with my friend A–lots of fun, iced coffees from Parlour and people watching the Exchange District during the Fringe. It should’ve been illegal to go back to work.

2. Managed to not only successfully make brown butter for the first time, but also managed to save the cakes made with said brown butter from being completely destroyed thanks to a poorly written recipe.

3. I was disciplined enough to go to bed when I was feeling tired, rather than force myself to stay awake later simply because a) it’s Friday and b) there is more work to do.


1. Woke up early and did a huge cleaning job for my mojitos and cheese night with LP! Yay! There is a whole lot of benefit to this being an adult and getting up early thing.

2. Tried a small bite of my aforementioned destroyed brown butter cake and it is pretty fantastic.

3. I managed to bring myself out of the beginnings of a negativity funk by re-reading my gratitude posts an using tools from the self-discovery challenge. That feels pretty f@cking fantastic!