So life handed me a batch of lemons the other night.  For 24 hours, I allowed myself to hang with the lemons, taste their sourness, smell their sharp aroma, feel their acidity…and this morning I turfed them as the last thing I need is overly sweet lemonade.  Their scent and taste are still reminiscent, but I’m hoping that it will soon fade and I can get back to where I was in my self discovery challenge.

In one of my earlier posts, I spoke about how I lived a good part of my life in fear of, well, many things…sadly.  Ironically, one of my favourites and the blog that inspired me to begin my own Gratitude Challenge, Oh She Glows, has begun an August Challenge about fear–where basically you do something every day that scares you.

So, in light of the fact that I’m going to try to stop living my life in fear, I am taking this on as a birthday month challenge–perhaps I’ll even give it a clever name like Fearlessly 32 or something. bahaha…or maybe not because that is lame.

Today’s fearful thing–I emailed a friend (despite my massive feelings of embarassment), who is an incredible flirt, and asked if she could give me some tips that I can experiment with while I am at the out of province wedding I am going to this weekend–this way, I can exercise being fearless to the max–nobody will know me and I can work up my courage and just be a flirt and it won’t matter what anyone else thinks because I will NEVER see them again. 

Cheers to living fearlessly!