Short and sweet–here are weeks 6 and 7:

Sunday (July 29, 2012)

1. True Blood Night with my friend L–rather than the big group, it was just her and I–and it was so peaceful and fun.

2. Got in a 5 mile run when all I wanted to do was bond with my couch.

3. Canada got their first Olympic Medal. Yay!


1. I only have 2 more days of work after today–the one positive about when you have to fly away for a friend’s wedding.

2. Survived a ridiculously sweaty run. I have to thank the men’s synchro divers for that one.

3. I allowed myself to feel sad and I won’t let it break me, my spirit or impact my long term happiness. I will embrace it and own it and release it when it’s ready.


1. I didn’t binge eat. In fact, I made rather good choices aside from one handful of dark chocolate chips.

2. I didn’t go shopping. In the past I have subscribed to the adage “when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.” I am proud to say that i ended my subscription.

3. I worked out. I didn’t do anything crazy….nor did I run. I cycled, I walked on and incline and I rowed. Despite everything in my body, mind and soul telling me to stay home and wallow, I. Just. Showed. Up.


1. I am taking a positive step to stop living in fear by participating in the August Challenge on Oh She Glows.

2. I overcame the first step of my fear of flirting–I asked how! Lol.

3. I didn’t lose my mind when the dress I wanted to wear to my friend’s wedding in Windsor was a smidge tight-I packed it and one other dress–one just in case and the original to encourage positive choices.


1. I have the means to fly to Windsor, ON to see a childhood friend get married.

2. I got to watch the Hunger Games on the flight to Toronto.

3.  I had no dramas in either of my flights–just stress free travel for a change.


1. I got up and worked out in the midst of insane humidity, heat and a sore back (air mattress).

2. Got to see Motown Records.  OMG!

3. Got to see Detroit and it made me appreciate the abundance in my life.


1. My Dad.  He surprised me with tix to see Bruce Springsteen and the Minnesota Vikings for a dad and daughter trip in November.  Squee!

2. Family drama–though sometimes it feels like your family is the only one with it, that’s not the case and it makes you appreciate that you are normal.

3.  Healthy food options.  At home, I keep nutritious food around and that wasn’t the case while I was away.  I appreciate my home even more.

Sunday (Week 7: August 5)

1. I know I used it once, but, well, it’s true–I get to see my friend get married.  Happy day.

2. I managed to overcome my fear of flirting.  Now to develop said skill without the aid of liquid courage.

3. All of my “jobs” for the wedding went off without a large hitch…and the hitches encountered were easily solved.


1. I am grateful I will never be an alcoholic as this hangover was one of the worst and I’m now frightened of booze til at least Christmas. 😉

2. Made it home drama free again–aside from one minimal delay in Toronto.

3. Greasy Food. I know, I know…just talked about unhealthy and healthy options, but really, what is better when you are hung over than greasy food.


1. My bed.  Despite waking up with back pain again due to the re-adjustment back from the air mattress to my bed.

2. My banked OT–was nice to call in “tired” and take the day.

3. Dexter.  Am. Obsessed.


1. Migraines are my worst health ailment.  They suck and I hate suffering with them…but it could be worse.

2. Though I hate my migraines, the physical illness and the newly appearing visual disturbances associated with them, the plus side is I got to watch more Dexter. (trying to look on the bright side of feeling on the verge of death).

3. Cherry Coke Zero and Trader Joe’s Organic White Cheddar Mac and Cheese–my migrane comfort foods.


1. I finally got my butt to the gym–but barely.  Just show up was the mantra and I did the bare minimum…but its better than sitting on my butt, watching Dexter. 😉

2. The Library–just put a bunch of holds on cookbooks I have lusted after on Amazon.  I cannot wait!

3.   Had a really great laugh with my dad last night.  I had forgotten about how great those are.


1. It’s Friday.  Simple, no?

2. Productive Friday.  Crazy?

3. Annual physical–and all is well.


1. Chill day to myself.

2. Costco Trip–aside from it being crazy busy, I always enjoy!

3.  Made a delicious feast with treats from Costco.


What are you grateful for this week?

Luv Leesah