Morning Y’all!

I need another long weekend…and yes, I know, I had an extra long one last week with my illnesses and trip to Windsor.  It’s just that this weekend was so chillaxed and lovely, that well, I would like to extend it by another day.

That being said, I have a 2-pump white chocolate americano with me to help start the day so things aren’t soo bad. lol.  And so far, this morning has been quite productive–half of my work to do list is complete and half of my personal to do list is complete and it’s not even noon.

The weekend was pretty darned good.  So very restful, which was lovely.  Truthfully, I needed it after the shenanigans of the weekend prior.  I managed to tackle two fears this weekend–the first is making proper spaghetti bolognaise though with a healthier turkey twist.  It turned out amazing, which was surprising as I was a bit suspect of the recipe–it was from Gwenyth Paltrow’s cookbook and I greatly dislike her and her goopiness, but the positive things I have heard about her cookbook seem to be true.

It was especially awesome to have such a good, restful weekend as my doctor’s appointment didn’t go so hot.  Generally, I am healthy as a horse…but….well, I’ve started experiencing visual auras over the last 4-6 weeks.  It’s only happened 3 times, one time I ended up with a headache.  I mentioned it to my doctor and she immediately took me off of birth control, ordered me to start an “aura” diary and scheduled a follow-up to see where things progress in the next 6 weeks so that she can recommend me to the right neurologist as these auras may be a sign of a future stroke.   Obvs, this scared the bejesus out of me–my second fear to be faced–I had to sorta embrace my own mortality at an age far younger that I would’ve anticipated.  Though there is only a “chance” of stroke, it is still scary to think of the implications of being in my early 30s and having a stroke.  It’s sorta put a few things into perspective for me and well, it makes this fear challenge even more important.

As for today, well, I’m going to get over my fear of asking to take my overtime off.  I’ve already booked off the day after my birthday for “vacation,” but I have 3 days left of OT time from all those after work classes and travel I did in the early part of the year.  I am going to ask to take off the day of my birthday and the Monday after my birthday weekend.  Fingers crossed that I get them off. 🙂  Aside from that, I’m going to start amping up my effort at the gym as I have a half marathon in 10 weeks and I have been super slack on running–no PR’s for me this time around.  Oh and I have 5 new cookbooks waiting for me at the library! Squee!

Anyway, must get to work and try to finish up my to do list.  Happy Monday to you all!

Luv Leesah