Not my idea of a great pedi…

Pardon the ugliness–and no, I’m not talking about my beaten up toes exactly–just the horribly tacky pedicure.  *sigh*  No offense to those who get nail art done or really like it, but really, it’s just not me and I feel as cheap as I thought this pedicure (and the “matching” manicure) would cost.  Apparently we weren’t eligible for the “deal” because we were part of a wedding.  *sigh*.  Plus, one side of my foot was done really, quite well…until she felt rushed…and the other side looks like a 2-year-old did it….which was really noticeable as the rest of my toes were a french manicure with a line of silver glitter below the white edge.

Worst part of this horrible mess is that is IMPOSSIBLE to get off.  I have all but dipped my feed into pure acetone..never mind my hands…they were shellacked and the end result of my removal process was a huge mess.

I used the removal of this pedicure as my motivation to get to the gym today.  I still can’t find my energy, but I got a good 45 minutes of sweaty arsed cardio (20 run, 20 bike, 20 walk) and now I’m going to enjoy a well deserved stretch.

Ooh…and two more mini developments–I’m going to be scheduling an evaluation at a new cross fit gym some time in the next coming week…yay! And…and…hehehe…it looks like I will be meeting with my flirting coach/friend tomorrow.  🙂  Super pumped.

Much luv,