Good afternoon,

Choose-day is going well so far….and only one irritating thing has happened and it’s related to work and psh…whatever….it’s over and done with so I’m not going to worry about it anymore.

Anyway, back to my mind wandering….one of my most favourite thing in the world is nut butters with jam on toast…and lately it seems like the variety of nut butters is exploding.  There is cake batter nut butters, dark chocolate almond nut butters, savory nut butters, cookie dough nut butters….it’s ridicuolous…and AWESOME.  So my mind wandered to how I could possibly justify making these nut butters and it came to me–make a ton and give them away as Christmas Gifts!

Now my question for you bloggy fans–is this insane or a great idea?  I was thinking of 3-5 small jars per gift. I’m struggling as to which side I fall on…though I think if someone gave me a cake batter nut butter, I might die of exquisite rapture on my first bite.  Also, if I were to go ahead with this–can I ask you all to give recommendations and or help me narrow down my selections when I find/post them?

Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments? Please let me know down below! 🙂