Morning Y’all!

Happy Choose-day! I’m declaring it Choose-day again, simply because I haven’t done this in a loooong time.  Choose-day is when you specifically choose to have an awesome day especially when a few things try to derail it.  And yes, this all aids in that whole self discovery challenge awesomeness that I have embarked upon.

Why did I pick this specific Choose-day?  Well, my alarm went off an hour early and scared the bejesus out of me–causing me to smash my head into my headboard….I forgot the banana in my green smoothie (i can’t imagine how this is going to taste–just blueberries and spinach?!)…..I dropped my half filled sigg bottle on my toe….seriously–I am amazed that I made it to work in one piece. lol.

So…to support my Choose-day efforts, I put on a calming clay face mask on while I made my lunch and snacks for the day, I dressed up for work, I put on a smidge of make up, I just brewed myself some root beer float tea and wore manageable shoes as I will be doing some walking today to meet a friend for a lunch date.  Already the day feels a little less ugly–let’s hope it continues. 🙂 

This is a big perspective shift for me, as normally when a “bad” day strikes, I just continue to let it ruin my day.  I’m hoping that things like Choose-days and my gratitude challenge, well, the bad won’t seem as bad and it will all just come and go in stride.  Wishful thinking, well, perhaps…but what does it hurt to try, right?

After my drinkies with my friend/flirting coach,  I am hoping to get in a run at the gym.  We’ll see how that goes as I won’t have eaten dinner and I”m not good with eating and then running…might have to postpone it til tomorrow. lol.  If not, I plan on doing some weights and cross training style cardio (skipping, rowing, cycling)…maybe I’ll even give that crazy Jacob’s Ladder thing a try–provided it’s not still broken…which it has been for about a year.

Hope everyone out there is having a good day and, if not, that they try to make it their own version of a Choose-day and choose to make it the best they can…:)

Much luv,