I ate one bite and didn’t lose my lunch!


I survived eating a bite of octopus.  I almost died when I saw it served at this Art Eats event I went too.  But I looked the octopus and fear straight in the eye…er tentacle and tried a bite.  I barely survived…and well, now this little guy is in a trash been with one of his legs missing.  *gag*

The rest of the meal was tremendous as was the company, which was even better.

The show itself was pretty interesting and even featured work from a Winnipeg artist.  The detail on some of the pieces was truly phenomenal.  The tour guide for the exhibit was the only thing about the night that was awful.  he just didn’t seem to have a clear idea what he thought of pieces, what their history was or even anything noteworthy about the artist.

Since the tour sucked, my friend and I ventured on our own, enjoyed the pieces we liked and voided the ones that didn’t make us feel good–amazing how art can do that, eh?  Then we grabbed a post art gallery drinkie.  T’was a fabulous night–oh and no sober flirting happened–the average age of the attendees of this arty night was about 65.  Such a shame too, as I hate to brag, but I think I looked pretty darned fab!

I’m not sure what was so funny–maybe the octopus made a joke?

Much luv,