I’ve always believed in the idea of karma.  Do good things and be good to people and you get it back in return.  Today has been a day where I have received some unexpected kindness.  I blame Project Birthday’s 32 Random Acts of Kindness for this wave of loveliness.

One of my true blood night cohorts is a techy person so I asked, jokingly, if I could trade him Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes for his advice on which router to buy so that I can have wi-fi in my house–he’s going above and beyond and actually searching out deals for me and even offered to come set it up for me–no cupcakes required.  Granted, he doesn’t have to set it up for me, but how nice to offer!

Two, my baby cousin M wants to take me out for my birthday tomorrow night because she will be missing my small, annual birthday party on Friday as she has a wedding to go to.  It really was touching because, we have gotten closer thanks to our hot yoga dates and it’s just nice to have that relationship with her despite our 11 year age difference.

Three, my dad ran into an old friend of his, whose kids I taught swimming about 12 years ago.  Apparently they thought I was the best thing since sliced bread, that they loved my passion for the job (it was quite fun at the time and it paid really well), and that their kids never had another instructor that came close to me in terms of fun and quality of teaching.  Even the kids, despite being much, much older, still remember me as being the “awesome” swim teacher.  What an amazing complement!

Four, my blog was nominated for another award thanks to Sweets at Twenty Some Project.  This is my second award in two weeks….the other came from Allison at Live Passionately Tonight and I PROMISE to post regarding both of them tomorrow night after my birthday treats with my baby cousin.  🙂  In the meantime, I highly recommend that you check out their blogs as they are quite lovely.

Oh and my apologies but some of these wonderful things will most certainly be repeated in my gratitude challenge–so just as a warning. 😉

Much luv and happy Monday–I am off to stretch, foam roll and do heaps of laundry!