Happy Tuesday all!

Though, for me, it’s my Wednesday or hump day.  Squee!  So excited…tomorrow is my Friday and then my 5 day birthday weekend begins. 

Jealous?  Yes…yes you should be, lol. 😉

Oh and I’m also pretty excited because I’m planning a giveaway on my blog as a part of Project Birthday–more deets to come on my birthday–so stay tuned!

Here are 5 more things that excite me:

1. I did 5 double unders in a row last night.  I know…shock and awe, right?  Can’t wait for my Crossfit 204 assessment on Friday

2. Hair appointment on Thursday to return to my comfort zone–blonde locks

3. Baking my own birthday cake

4. True Blood season finale

5. My self-indulgent Monday off.  I’m almost more excited about that day than I am about my actual birthday. lol.

Is there anything that is exciting you right now?  Let me know in the comments!  I think it’s fun to build on the excitement of others!

Much luv,