Here are my next 6 acts of kindness for Project Birthday–it means I am halfway done my challenge! YES!  Not bad for one week into my challenge! 🙂

11. Supported a local start-up company.  Parlour Coffee FTW!


12.  Tipped really well on my coffee as the owner served me and he once gave me and a friend a free drink.

13. Donated cash to my friend who is fundraising for Multiples Sclerosis.  She is riding her bike, with a team, from Winnipeg to Gimli–brave girl that she is!  Good luck J!14. Booked myself a volunteer job to help my buddy O at run club at the local running room.  I’m not a fan of the running room in general (it’s a bit clique-y for me) but I am thankful to have met my buddy O because of the running room, so I’m going to help him out and co-lead the run with him.

15.  Took my co-worker on a tour of the Exchange District of Winnipeg as she has never been and was a bit intimidated by the area (there are some rough people around at times).

16. Printed out pics of favourite times with a select few friends–and I will send them those pics on the weekend–once I get myself some stamps. 🙂

Have you completed any random acts of kindess today?  This week?  Have any inspiration or ideas to share?  Post them all in the comments!

Much luv,